Los Angeles On A Budget - 4-Day Tour Itinerary
Los Angeles On A Budget - 4-Day Tour Itinerary
Los Angeles On A Budget - 4-Day Tour Itinerary

Clare Auchterlonie

Los Angeles On A Budget - 4-Day Tour Itinerary

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This four-day Los Angeles itinerary is perfect for visitors on a low budget to the City of Angels. With this itinerary you will save tons of money on expensive guided bus tours but will still get to see the popular sights of Los Angeles, with some off the tourist trail suggestions that locals enjoy. If you buy this tour you will have fun, see a wide range of the city and save hundreds of dollars doing it! 

Majority of destinations are free with a few options to 'splurge' at less than $5 per person (there will be some additional parking costs) and all destinations are suitable for travelers travelers of any age. 

Los Angeles is the second most traffic congested city in the US, this self drive itinerary also takes the work out of getting the best route so you navigate this vast city like a local, spending less time in your car and more time seeing this amazing city.


  • Suggestions on other ways to save money on your trip.
  • Budget lunch suggestions but also scenic places to picnic, if you want to bring packed lunches. 
  • Dinner suggestions are very budget friendly and also include cheap evening drinks ideas.
  • Free and low cost evening activity ideas.
  • Pictures and maps of locations to help guide you around without a smartphone.
  • Restroom stops are noted. 
  • Cheapest option for parking suggested.
  • Days of the tour can be easily swapped around for your convenience.