Málaga, Spain – 2-Day Tour from the Moors to Picasso
Málaga, Spain – 2-Day Tour from the Moors to Picasso
Málaga, Spain – 2-Day Tour from the Moors to Picasso

Deborah Cater

Málaga, Spain – 2-Day Tour from the Moors to Picasso

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UPDATED FOR 2015. Details include the brand new galleries - The Pompidou and The Russian Museum - which are helping to really put Málaga on the map.

Málaga is one of the oldest cities in the world with its history dating back to the Phoenicians in the eighth century BCE. It is an elegant, vibrant and interesting city and has been the home and birthplace of many famous people including Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas.

Are you a lover of art and history?

Then this is the itinerary for you! The itinerary focuses on the area around the port and the old town of Málaga. Day One takes in the east side and Day Two the west side. Both days have a mixture of art, museums and sights. Included in the itinerary are:

Museum of Popular Arts and Customs

This quaint museum is often missed, which is the loss of others but not you! With open displays shown in a Moorish-influenced old tavern, you get to see the Málaga of yesteryear for only 4 Euros..

Málaga Market

Although I have recommended restaurants and tapas bars in the itinerary sometimes a picnic is just as good. This market with its fresh produce is where the locals do their shopping. Grab fresh bread, some olives, cheese and oil, and create your own feast - or simply enjoy the sights and smells of the real Málaga.

The English Cemetery

A little known fact: Málaga was the first place in Spain to have a cemetery for non-Catholic Christians. The first day's itinerary takes you to these beautiful restful gardens.

These are just tasters of a delicious 2 days. Also included are:

  • The Pablo Picasso Museum
  • The Carmen thyssen museum
  • Málaga Cathedral
  • Alcazaba and Roman Theatre
  • Castel Gibralfaro
  • The Bullring
  • Contemporary Art Gallery
  • Restaurant Recommendations

The itinerary has been split into two days allowing ample time for the sights to be taken in without rushing. Each sight is accompanied with pictures and a walking map to ensure a stress-free experience.

Time has also been given for siestas and long lunches – the Spanish way! In the height of the summer, the temperatures can reach 40˚C and walking during that heat is not advised and can be very tiring. In addition, a number of shops and sights close between the hours of 2pm and 4pm. The hottest part of the day therefore has been given over to food and relaxation.

To help make your stay as enjoyable as possible I have included a number of useful Spanish words and phrases in the Appendix.

Sample from the Itinierary

This is just a sample, the actual itinerary has pictures and walking maps.

Day 2 - Lunch at El Pimpi via the Plaza de la Constitución

With your appetite for local customs and art hopefully sated for the time being, it’s now time to curb the physical hunger! A leisurely stroll from the Carmen Thyssen Museum to El Pimpi takes you through the Plaza de la Constitución and along the Calle Granada.

[Walking map]

The Plaza de la Constitución, as many plazas in Spain were, was named as such after the Constitution of Spain was signed in 1978, following the end of Franco’s dictatorial rule. In front of the bakery and coffee shop, which can be seen to the right of the rather funky Christmas tree in the picture, are bronze plaques set into the ground. These are images of the front pages of Spanish newspapers celebrating the constitución.

[Picture of the Plaza de la Constitución]

Local’s tip: In your free time, if you would like a traditional thick hot chocolate or a cup of coffee and pastry the bakery cum coffee house is a brilliant place to take a break (NOT Café Central but the small yellow building that is behind the bronze plaques). The pastries are fresh and can be selected from the counter downstairs. The coffee shop is upstairs. It is small but if you can, squeeze onto one of the three tables on the balcony and watch the people in the Plaza below.

[Picture of attractive side street]

Local’s Tip: Don’t rush and miss some of the lovely side streets that ooze character.

El Pimpi is near the Roman Theatre, bringing you back to where you started the itinerary on day 1. With typical malagueñan decor and a variety of rooms and terraces in which to eat and drink, El Pimpi offers the opportunity to enjoy local wines and fine food. Some of the barrels in the main restaurant are signed by famous people such as Picasso, Antonio Banderas and the Duchess of Alba.

Local’s tip: Try the fino sherry for a refreshing lunchtime tipple. The Salmorejo soup is a cold tomato soup, thicker than a Gazpacho that is both filling and refreshing on a summer’s day.

Local’s tip: The terrace offers good views of the Alcazaba but there is a 15% supplemental charge for service there.

Calle Granada, 62  Tel: 952 22 89 90 http://www.elpimpi.com

Still unsure?

My e-mail is in the itinerary and I am always happy to help.

I can guarantee that if art and history interest you, you will have a wonderful vacation in this fascinating city!