Manila on a Budget: 2-Day Itinerary
Manila on a Budget: 2-Day Itinerary
Manila on a Budget: 2-Day Itinerary

Ryan Murphy

Manila on a Budget: 2-Day Itinerary

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The capital of the Philippines is a fascinating mix of cultures, but it can also be a tough place to explore without guidance. This itinerary aims to give visitors a step-by-step guide to the most interesting places to see, the best ways to get around, and the tastiest food Manila has to offer - and all for the explorer on a budget.

This itinerary is intended for the traveler who...
... has limited funds
... enjoys the challenges of backpacking
... is not afraid to explore using public modes of transport
... doesn't care about upscale hotels and pricey restaurants
... loves eating local food
... desires to learn about the local culture and not just the tourist hotspots

Included in this 30-page itinerary are maps, hotel and restaurant recommendations, and briefs of the city's most interesting neighborhoods and landmarks. The itinerary itself is broken down into simple day-by-day schedules. You'll also find:


  • Transportation tips: learn to ride jeepneys, trikes and Manila's rail system
  • Safety and security notes: how to keep yourself and your money safe
  • Translations: learn some key Tagalog words and phrases
  • Photographs illustrating some of Manila's most essential sights

If you're interested in catching a glimpse of Manila's Coconut Palace, delving into the craziness of the Divisoria street market, or indulging in traditional Filipino food (like goat adobo or balut, steamed duck fetus) and the city's plethora of international restaurants, this guide will show you how and where to do it.

About the author: I'm a former Peace Corps Volunteer who lived in the Philippines from 2008-2010. I've explored a good portion of the country - including some quite out-of-the-way places - on a small budget and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about Manila or other Philippine locales.