Milan Unknown - A 3-day tour itinerary
Milan Unknown - A 3-day tour itinerary
Milan Unknown - A 3-day tour itinerary

Elisabetta Marchesi

Milan Unknown - A 3-day tour itinerary

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Milan Unknown is a tour itinerary addressed toward the curious and attentive traveler, who likes to walk and mix with local people, and trying to go under the surface of the city.

Besides presenting the most famous tourist places of Milan, the itinerary focuses on the small and great unknown treasures of the city, that can be discovered and appreciated only thanks to the suggestions of someone who lives here.

What's included in this Milan travel guide?

With the help of very detailed maps and 3 days of itineraries, you will visit the beautiful Duomo, the symbol of the city, the important Brera Art Gallery, the famous Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper, and the historical castle of the city.

You will also discover a lot of other pieces of art left by Leonardo da Vinci in Milan, you will enjoy the silent atmosphere of the ancient basilicas that constellate the city, you will visit the oldest part of the historical center, far from the tourist routes, as well as some of the most beautiful parks. Also, you will understand why Milan is considered the capital of design, and not only of fashion.

Restaurant recommendations are included, so you can appreciate the local cuisine while avoiding the tourist menus, and some tips to orient yourself among the variety of Italian coffees.