New York City - First Timer's 2-Day Walking Tour
New York City - First Timer's 2-Day Walking Tour
New York City - First Timer's 2-Day Walking Tour


New York City - First Timer's 2-Day Walking Tour

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So, it’s your first time in New York City and you want to see all the obvious, classic NYC sights, and those off-the-beaten tourist path gems.  This two-day walking itinerary will take you along iconic 5th Ave as you explore the Manhattan essentials (think Rockefeller Center) and uncover hidden riches (the country’s only Museum of Sex?), all from the point of view of a local.

You know the Empire State Building offers great views of the city, but do you know where to get the best view of the Empire State Building?  That a hidden world exists beneath the Beaux-Arts landmark Grand Central Station?  Or how you can watch jazz legends play above the Manhattan skyline for the price of a cup of coffee?  Learn more with this step-by-step, sun-up to way-past sundown guide that will take you from downtown to Central Park as you discover the best of New York City.

When guests come to visit me in New York City, this walk is the first thing that I recommend they do... and it universally ends up being their favorite activity.  There's just no better way to experience the city than to walk its streets- and it doesn't hurt to have some expert guidance along the way!

I want you to love New York City the way that I do! Which is why I've included my personal email address in the itinerary.  Questions?  Looking for something tailored to your specific interests?  Email me!  I'm always happy to help.  If for any reason you're unsatisfied with this itinerary, Unanchor offers a full refund.

Here's a Sample From This 2-Day Itinerary of New York City:

"... You're so close to lunch you can almost smell it, right?  Seriously, you probably can smell the burgers being grilled up at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park.  Shake Shack is New York City's answer to the west coast's In-N-Out Burgers; it's a veritable institution and a must-try if you're craving a burger & the best shake of your life.  It's so good that Manhattanites and visitors alike crave a lunchtime fix, and the line can sometimes wind through the park.  Take a look at the line, and decide whether you'd like to wait it out or try Eataly just across Broadway and 5th Ave.

If you've decided to give Shake Shack a shake, enter Madison Square Park and follow the above map to the start of the line.

Local's Tip: Shake Shack has two separate lines: one standard line, and one for those JUST ordering drinks or ice cream (NOT shakes, which must be ordered from the regular line).  If you're just stopping by for an ice cream, skip right ahead to the shorter, drinks-only line.

Vegetarians can still enjoy the Shroom Burger, a mozzarella-stuffed Portobello burger that's just as good as the classic!

Use your smartphone to check the website listed below: there's a webcam that will show you just how long the line is at any given time!

If your patience is running low or you fancy something a bit more cosmopolitan, head to the other favorite lunch spot of every New Yorker in existence: Eataly.  Eataly is Chef Mario Batali's brainchild, a combination market, cooking school, beer garden, and upscale food court featuring Italian delicacies of every variety.  It's best to visit Eataly when you're traveling as part of a group so you can taste-test food from as many of the indoor eateries as possible.

There are two entrances to Eataly, the closest being just across from the outdoor seating area on 5th Avenue.  See the map above for details..."