One Day in Africa - A Guide to Tangier
One Day in Africa - A Guide to Tangier
One Day in Africa - A Guide to Tangier

Aidan Mcmahon

One Day in Africa - A Guide to Tangier

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Interrailing around Europe but yearn for somewhere completely different to end the trip? Trekking around southern Spain and tired of siestas? Or bored of your week-long beach holiday on the Costa del Sol? Then Tangier, the gateway to Africa, is the destination for you.

Tangier is surely one of Morocco's most enigmatic cities - an exhilarating, endlessly-fascinating little city undergoing enormous changes.

With the strait separating Morocco and Spain a mere 14 km, and the ferry between the two taking just 35 minutes, Tangier is the ideal place to experience North Africa for the first time.

So get your hands on this One-Day Tangier itinerary and prepare yourself for a glimpse into a fascinating culture, country, and continent.


What's inside this Tangier travel guide?

This itinerary will guide you through the city in an accessible and engaging way, from boarding the ferry in Spain right through to your trip back in the evening.

You will see all of the Tangier's main attractions, gain a thorough insight into its history, veer off the beaten path to some intriguing cafés and museums, and take an excursion to the point where the Atlantic and the Mediterranean meet.

The itinerary provides crucial advice on how to avoid scams, shop happily, and eat well, all within a comfortable, flexible schedule that will allow you to enjoy the city's charms.

With detailed maps, local tips, and vivid photos, this guide will set you on course to one of the world's most captivating cities.

Most importantly, most of the attractions are free!


What highlights are included?

  • The medina (the old part of the city) in all its glory, with a meandering walk from the Sultan's old palace down through crumbling alleys, souks, and courtyards to the main square.
  • Mansions, theatres, villas, and consulates which all played host to the city's utterly convoluted recent history (the inspiration for Casablanca), and now offer the visitor an enchanting maze of streets to explore.
  • Legendary buildings, bookshops, and cafés synonymous with the Beatnik cultural movement and an opportunity to experience the city's unrivalled literary tradition.
  • Recommendations for places to eat, how to bargain in the bazaars, and how to make the most of your short stay in Africa.

And much, much more:

  • The Hotel Continental and its dazzling mosaics
  • The Petit Socco and its animated cafés
  • The Cinema Rif, the city's cultural centre
  • Two charity groups, to help you get a balanced view of the city
  • An obscure art gallery
  • An oddly-shaped cave
  • Lots of books 
  • And an obligatory tea, served with mint leaves and as much sugar as you want!

If you decide to stay for longer, there's also advice on hotels, websites, and booklists for further reading.

So what are you waiting for? Grab this indispensable guide and travel with the knowledge that only local experts can provide.