Paris 1-Day Itinerary - Streets of Montmartre
Paris 1-Day Itinerary - Streets of Montmartre
Paris 1-Day Itinerary - Streets of Montmartre

Alison Eastaway

Paris 1-Day Itinerary - Streets of Montmartre

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This itinerary is perfect for anyone seeking an authentic exploration of one of Paris' key neighbourhoods. Take in all the key sights and little-known treasures of this stunning area, all the while avoiding the unpleasant souvenir-strewn streets and crowds of tourists.

Montmartre sits high in the north of Paris and evokes an intimate village atmosphere. Once the home to many artists, from Van Gogh to Picasso to Dali, these picturesque streets remain a key source of inspiration for modern day painters, photographers, filmmakers and writers.

Art is just the beginning of Montmartre’s infinite charm. The spirit of La Belle Epoque lingers in the many neighbourhood bars and cafes that line the hip and inviting Rue des Abbessess. Soak up the unique Bohemian flavour that makes Montmartre so irresistible to Parisians and visitors alike, as I introduce you to the corners of this enchanting village that keep the locals coming back, time after time.

With my insider’s knowledge you’ll avoid an exhausting and uninspiring climb up the steep steps to the Sacre Coeur, and instead be rewarded with a breathtaking view of this architectural wonder that you’d otherwise never see. Follow me as we take the back streets, far from the tourist trail to discover the hidden gems and iconic sights of this special pocket of Paris, from a different angle.

Enjoy a visit to one of Paris’ oft-overlooked museums and explore Paris’ ‘other’ cemetery, boasting twice the charm and half the crowds. 

Get an authentic taste for Paris with a gourmet lunch at one of my favourite Parisian haunts. Dine elbow to elbow with local villagers as you sample fine French food at an exceptional price. Stop off for a drink in a famous café, before dining at one of Paris’ best-kept secrets this evening.

If you have any questions at all, my email address is provided in the itinerary. I look forward to sharing my best tips and hottest Parisian addresses with you!