Paris to Chartres Cathedral: 1-Day Tour Itinerary
Paris to Chartres Cathedral: 1-Day Tour Itinerary
Paris to Chartres Cathedral: 1-Day Tour Itinerary

Ani Moriarty

Paris to Chartres Cathedral: 1-Day Tour Itinerary

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There is something about Chartres…

I’ve been coming and going to Chartres for over twenty years now.

I know the streets, the tuckaways, the tourist grabbers, and what not to miss.

For many people, Chartres is still a well-kept secret, although the people who are discovering it year by year grow in number.

Perhaps the most well-preserved Gothic cathedral on Earth, Chartres is a one-hour train ride south of Paris and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Consider a breakaway from Paris for the don't need a car in Chartres!

Or better yet, wrap a weekend around one full day dedicated to taking in the splendor, grace, and beauty of Chartres. With hindsight, you may just want to come again!

Here, you will stand as witness to beauty everywhere; from how the cathedral itself is the binding for the book of glass... to how ancient artisans laid their finest work in every turn over centuries – but left no mark... to turning around and facing an ancient wall that has been maintained and nurtured throughout the centuries, leaving you gawking in awe.

And the glass? It simply takes your breath away.

It's true; I love Chartres.

But so can you.

This is a small, bourgeoning, walkabout, medieval city with the Cathédrale du Notre Dame de Chartres at its heart.

It is a perfect place to spend the day. A one-hour train ride south of Paris, the walk from the station is 10 minutes to the cathedral and bustling town. It's hard to miss - the two towers of the cathedral soar above the town.

Explore the wealth of history, from the architectural wonder of the flying buttresses... to the mysteries of the cosmos embedded in stone.

You'll discover not just the cathedral but the town itself and the people who live here are proud keepers of their inheritance.

Feel a part of the vibe here; from the Saturday market to boutique shops, the good eats from brasseries to fine dining – and if you time it right, you may well stumble upon some special event the city itself is sponsoring at or around the cathedral – from concerts to recitals, from art to Renaissance fairs.

To see what's happening now, visit

This microcosm of French living is available for you to experience the pulse of its beauty, grace, and sophistication.

All the pieces to take you there are in the WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW to create and design a day for yourself!

Bon Voyage!