Qatar: 3 Days of Surf, Turf & Culture
Qatar: 3 Days of Surf, Turf & Culture
Qatar: 3 Days of Surf, Turf & Culture
Qatar: 3 Days of Surf, Turf & Culture

Chandi Wyant

Qatar: 3 Days of Surf, Turf & Culture

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Qatar is place of fascinating contractions. Modernization, occurring at rapid rate for the past twenty years, has turned Doha into a world class, futuristic city, but one striving to reassert its Arab heritage at the same time.

The city offers stunning architecture, beautiful hotels, innovative museums, a robust public art program, frequent cultural events, and a staggering number of high-end restaurants. Its a groundbreaking and thrilling time to visit Qatar.

After living for three years in Qatar, I discovered the best way to be active outside is to utilize the sea. The lifestyle in Qatar can be sedentary due to the heat and the typical pass time of going to malls, but I assure you that the best secret to Doha is the sea.

Qatar is a tiny nation, but it has over 560 km of coastline, making it a great place for water sports. The warm, often flat sea is ideal for paddle boarding, jet-skiing, sailing, wakeboarding, swimming—and all of which are available within the city itself. Day one of this guide gets you out on the water.

Day two is a culture day with two museum visits, a beautiful cultural hub by night, and as always, my tips on where to eat.

Day three, the turf section, covers an excursion to the Khor Al Adaid. The country’s actual landscape, away from the sea, is flat, arid, and not what you could call an outstanding landscape, but there’s a pretty area of dunes in the south, near the border with Saudi Arabia, called Khor Al Adaid which is recognized by UNESCO as a unique environment without parallel elsewhere in the world.

Additionally, this guide provides insider tips on the best beaches, both public and private, and tips on dining and dancing venues. 

Look to Appendix 1 of this guide for a list of important items to do before departure, information about what to wear and how to get around, and essential rules and cultural norms you need to know and follow.

In Appendix 2 you’ll find extra information about beaches, restaurants, and bars.

Why you need this guide:
It will help you prepare your trip and add fun-under-the-sun activities that will enhance your time in Qatar.

  • The best water activities and where to book them

  • A desert excursion to the most compelling landscape in Qatar

  • A cultural day with insider information on the art scene

  • Maps

  • Transportation essentials

  • Best Beaches

  • Tips on restaurants and bars

  • Crucial info on cultural norms & rules to follow