The Ins and Outs of Bangkok: A 3-Day Guide
The Ins and Outs of Bangkok: A 3-Day Guide
The Ins and Outs of Bangkok: A 3-Day Guide

Dave Stamboulis

The Ins and Outs of Bangkok: A 3-Day Guide

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This guide will give you a wide taste of Bangkok, both its traditional sights along with the more eclectic, off the beaten path places many tourists don’t get to. As the city is very large, hot, and crowded, with horrible traffic, we have tried to keep you on the Skytrain, subway, or river ferries for your visit as much as possible.

Additionally, the heat may be draining, so a full morning at some of the sights listed may sap you of energy for packing it in for the rest of the day. So don’t use this guide as a must see all and end all publication, but try to get to the places that appear the most inspiring, and remember, you can always come back! 

There is nothing more frustrating than getting lost in a foreign city, so detailed route instructions and maps have been provided with each day’s sights and itineraries to hopefully keep you on track and not wasting your time wandering in circles.

Local’s Tip: All of the random tips are italicized.

The 3-Day Itinerary - Overview

Day 1
Bangkok is a hectic and hot city, so best to get up early and head out to cover some of the can’t miss sights that the city is famed for on your first day. Due to traffic and size, we have tried to combine sightseeing and eating spots to one particular area so as to minimize travel times. We visit the majestic Grand Palace and nearby Wat Po with its giant reclining Buddha, along with sampling some fine royal palace recipes at Chote Chitr and having a sunset drink at the sky high Moon Bar.

Day 2
Today we escape the hustle and bustle of the city, heading across the river to scenic Bang Krachao, the lung of Bangkok. If it is the weekend, you can call into a traditional floating market. In the afternoon, explore vibrant Chinatown on foot, and then head out for another sunset, this time opposite panoramic Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn. Finish off the evening at an entertaining transvestite cabaret. Only in Bangkok!

Day 3
On your last day, combine the city and the suburbs once again. Start the morning on sleepy Ko Kret Island, famed for its Mon pottery and car free life. Return to the city center for a look at the Jim Thompson silk house, pay a visit to the entertaining and educational Snake Farm, and then join the masses for some shopping in Bangkok’s most fashionable malls. Finish things off with a feast at a local eatery, the perfect way to wrap up your whirlwind tour.