The Two Worlds of Kaohsiung in 5 Days
The Two Worlds of Kaohsiung in 5 Days
The Two Worlds of Kaohsiung in 5 Days

Rachel Mccoullough

The Two Worlds of Kaohsiung in 5 Days

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Kaohsiung is a city that takes its time in showing its true colors. It can be intimidating, with everything in an unreadable language and a seemingly fasted-paced nature. For those who are just passing through, I am hoping to give you a glimpse of the city I've fallen in love with.

This itinerary will show you the two worlds Kaohsiung has to offer. I'll take you to the northern areas with the big shopping malls. Where the sidewalks are clean and everything is new. I'll show you the Love River, a staple of the modern day city that has reinvented itself from the grimy, polluted mess it once was.

And then I will show you the traditional city that has kept its customs and charms during both Japanese and Chinese occupation. We will start in the Wharf area, the first part of the city that was settled hundred of years ago. We'll venture to Cijin Island, an old fishing village that is a perfect bike trip. I will even take you out of the city, to the largest Buddhist Temple in Taiwan that houses a statue of Buddha over 40m tall.

We will go hiking through Kaohsiung's Monkey Mountain as well as multiple night markets. And we will bike through the Art Pier, where creativity is at no loss.

I will take you to all my favorite places throughout Kaohsiung by bike, taxi, bus, and on foot. All you need is a bit of patience, an adventurous spirit and perhaps a Chinese/English dictionary to make the journey easier.

Enjoy the city and happy adventuring!