Thessaloniki, Greece - 3-Day Highlights Itinerary
Thessaloniki, Greece - 3-Day Highlights Itinerary
Thessaloniki, Greece - 3-Day Highlights Itinerary

Sofia Bournatzi

Thessaloniki, Greece - 3-Day Highlights Itinerary

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This itinerary is the perfect introduction to Thessaloniki, the largest city in Northern Greece. It includes 3 days of the best sights to see in the city. Each neighbourhood also includes a walking tour. The suggested areas, restaurants, and cafés are visited by the locals. There are walking tours in the historical center of Thessaloniki, visits to Museums, and a day excursion to Vergina where you can see the Tombs of King Phillip and the Macedonian dynasty, the altar of Saint Paul, and the Jewish Synagogue.

Sights & places you'll see with this itinerary:

  • Go inside and enjoy the view from the White Tower, which used to be a dreadful prison.
  • Visit the Archaeological, the Byzantine, the War and the Jewish Museum to understand the history of the city.
  • Enjoy your coffee next to the Roman ruins among hundreds of students.
  • Try the famous cuisine in traditional or gourmet restaurants.
  • Walk down the seaside promenade by the magnificent sunset.
  • Shop in the small boutiques or the shopping malls.
  • Get into the graves of the ancient Macedonian kings in Vergina.
  • Feel the rhythm of the bands in a concert or a club.
  • Explore the flea markets.
  • Stay in stylish hotels.
  • Light a candle in one of the amazing Byzantine churches, protected by UNESCO.

Watch a video of the sights you'll see:

The main focus of this itinerary:

  • Laying out the exact details of what to do in Thessaloniki. 
  • Using public transportation to save you money.
  • Clear and specific directions to each of the destinations. The directions are supplemented with pictures and maps as well to further reduce your chances of getting lost!
  • Each area also has a walking tour, so you know what the best places to see.

Why you should buy this guide:

  • Saves you time by not needing to do additional research on Thessaloniki.
  • Saves you money by giving specific instructions on how to use public transportation. While at the same time giving you the true local feel of the city.
  • Stop wading through all of the tourist destinations.

What does this itinerary include?

  • Numerous pictures pointing to key landmarks to help you get where you need to go, as well as maps for nearly every main area of the city.
  • My contact information if you need anything else or have any other questions while in Thessaloniki.

Sample From the Itinerary:

This is a sample of the itinerary. The actual itinerary includes additional pictures and maps.


Thessaloniki historical center

Thessaloniki – The cosmopolitan sister of Alexander the Great

Greece is an amazing country with a lot of destinations to explore. Northern Greece is the land of the ancient Macedonian kingdom, where Alexander the Great took his first lessons in battle fighting and prepared to extend his glorious civilization.

Thessaloniki was Alexander’s sister. The city was named after her by Kassandros, Thessaloniki’s husband who wanted to honour her. According to the legend, after her brother’s death, she turned into a mermaid and lived in the Aegean Sea. The history of the city begins at 315 BC. Due to its troubled history, Thessaloniki today is home to Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Sephardic Jewish, neoclassical, and modern structures.

Thessaloniki was the European Capital of Culture in 1997 and the European Youth Capital City in 2014. It was named one of the 20 must-see destinations and included in the list of TOP10 "Nightlife cities" by National Geographic, while in 2014 Financial Times FDI magazine (Foreign Direct Investments) declared Thessaloniki as the best mid-sized European city of the future for human capital and lifestyle. The New York Times announced the best places to visit in 2016 and included Thessaloniki as "Greece's second-largest city, which is first in food".

The White Tower of Thessaloniki is a monument and museum on the waterfront of the city. The present tower replaced an old Byzantine fortification, which was constructed around the 12th century and reconstructed by the Ottomans to fortify the city's harbor. It became a notorious prison and scene of mass executions during the period of Ottoman rule. It has been adopted ever since as the symbol of the city and the starting point for the tour of Thessaloniki.

The starting point is the White Tower (Lefkos Pyrgos). There are only busses and taxis to use for public transportation.

Price: 4 euros (main ticket)

TIP: Do not miss the view from top

Duration: 30 minutes

Hours: Winter (1 Nov - 31 Mar) 09:00am – 16:00pm, Summer (1 Apr - 31 Oct) 08.00am - 20.00pm

Address: Lefkos Pyrgos (White Tower), Thessaloniki


Who is this guide for?

The first time individual visitor to Thessaloniki.

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