Two-day tour of Utrecht: the smaller, less touristy Amsterdam!
Two-day tour of Utrecht: the smaller, less touristy Amsterdam!
Two-day tour of Utrecht: the smaller, less touristy Amsterdam!

Aly Coy

Two-day tour of Utrecht: the smaller, less touristy Amsterdam!

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Visit interactive museums, walk along cobble-stone streets, eat at unique cafes, discover flea markets and hidden botanical gardens in this two day tour of beautiful, less touristy Utrecht.

Utrecht is famous for its streets that are at canal level, its young student population and being a less touristy, miniature Amsterdam!

This tour is for the traveller who wants to meet locals, from a lone backpacker to a young family with kids. It's a great mix of must-see attractions and off the tourist-trail locations. The restaurants included are vegetarian friendly and at night are live music venues! Included are detailed, easy to follow maps, great hostel/hotel recommendations, insider tips, and 90% of the attractions are free!

Walking in the city is the best way to experience it, since Utrecht is small, this is very easy to do. It will not only save you money from expensive trams and busses, but you'll deserve those Dutch treats you'll experience along the way!   

Find out the area where you can buy the cheapest groceries, have a selection of exotic fair priced restaurants and discover quaint stores you will never find with any other tour of the city. 

Sample from tour

"The Dom Toren (tower) is the biggest tourist attraction in the city. We'll get that out of the way first. It was built in the mid 14th century, connected to the Saint Martin Cathedral. A huge storm in 1674 brought the unfinished nave crashing down, freeing the tower from the rest of the building. 

Originally, it was used as a watchtower, and has on the first floor a private chapel for the Bishop of Utrecht. 

Today, it's the highest church tower in The Netherlands standing at 368 feet. You can climb the 465 steps with a pre-booked guided tour for €9, but today we're just going to take a look, and a picture of the giant that watches over the city." 

With this two day tour, you will feel completely satisfied with your visit to Utrecht, and if not you will get a full refund. If you want to check out what the tour is like, download the first day for free!

Utrecht - the charm of the city will last long after you leave. 

Have a nice trip!

Aly Coy