Washington, DC: 3 Days Like a Local
Washington, DC: 3 Days Like a Local
Washington, DC: 3 Days Like a Local

Nikki Jameson

Washington, DC: 3 Days Like a Local

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If you are researching a trip to the Nation's Capital, you are likely overwhelmed by the lists of activities and places both free or paid to partake in during your trip. This itinerary is filled with the best of DC's most iconic attractions as well as under visited local neighborhoods.

You will walk the hill in Georgetown and see the canal that supplied all of DC's building materials. You will eat at the places locals favor and see not only the National Mall and Smithsonians but galleries of DC artists and boutiques of DC locals. Being directed by a local, you will find yourself outside of the tourist district and feeling at home in DC.

I have included many free activities that allow you to get a feel for the city, its history, and the present day culture while spending less to do so. Throughout this itinerary, I give you (many) alternatives to most activities so you can choose what best fits your time, budget, energy, and interests. It is like you are getting two itineraries for the price of one! So if option one isn’t your style, you can mix and match the activities to build the perfect trip for you.

The itinerary is friendly for both families and the young solo traveler because it includes art, food, cultural activities, fun museums, and of course a detailed map and tour of the national monuments. I also include many activities in the Appendix that I love in the city but couldn’t fit in the course of a normal day, you may add some of them if you are an early riser or prefer to stay up late.

This trip is heavy on the walking as most trips in DC will be because the city is so small in comparison to other big cities, only 10 miles by 10 miles make up the whole district proper but you can always rent bikes in most neighborhoods or at Union Station to make it easier or quicker to see what you want to see. I give you detailed maps and walking directions throughout as well as metro and bus routes but if you prefer taxis you can also use the maps I provide with the cars, and have no fear, the city is generally well know by the taxis and Uber drivers.

This itinerary is great for your first visit to the district as you will see all the major historic sites but is even better if you have seen the regular parts of DC before and are looking for something new. After using this itinerary for your trip, you will surely have stories to take home of all the new things you saw in DC.

Buy this itinerary for your upcoming trip and you will love DC as much as I do! I offer my e-mail if you need clarifications or have further questions. Of course if you are unhappy with this itinerary, Unanchor offers a full refund.