Washington, DC in 4 Days
Washington, DC in 4 Days
Washington, DC in 4 Days

Tonya Fitzpatrick

Washington, DC in 4 Days

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This guide presents a very ambitious itinerary that packs in most of the major attractions in just four days.  Be prepared to walk; especially on the first day as you travel from the White House and along the National Mall.  Washington, DC city blocks are longer than the maps below indicate and although there will be walking between various attractions most of the itinerary items contained herein are accessible by Metro and within two blocks of a stop.  On Day Two you’ll be traveling on a tour bus that you can hop-on and hop-off during the day.  This will take you on a Memorial tour but if you have the energy you can walk the entire Memorial route.   While the tour bus will save you some walking time the journey will involve a fee.

There are maps below of the Memorials and Smithsonian Museums along the National Mall so you can easily find the attractions that you’d like to visit as you walk along the Mall.  You’ll also find a map as you exit the Smithsonian Metro and signs along the Mall.

All of the Washington Metro stops are clearly marked and they have maps inside each station.  Additionally, there are staffed booths within each station with Metro employees who can assist with directions, fare information, etc.   Although Washington, DC is a very walk able city it can be challenging to navigate because the city wasn’t designed on a grid like most cities.  So traveling via Metro is the quickest and most convenient way to get around.

Make sure that you bring plenty of batteries and film or memory cards because you’ll have hundreds of photo opportunities during your trip.  To help you with your Washington, DC album there are photo opp reminders throughout this itinerary.

There is so much to do and see in Washington, DC that even locals constantly find new things to experience.  Enjoy exploring the Nation’s capital and the abundance of cultural, educational and fun attractions that the city has to offer.

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