Wichita From Cowtown to Air Capital in 2 Days
Wichita From Cowtown to Air Capital in 2 Days
Wichita From Cowtown to Air Capital in 2 Days

Tammie Mcglothlin

Wichita From Cowtown to Air Capital in 2 Days

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This guide was designed to help visitors explore both Wichita's unusual past and the modern city it has become. There is so much to do in Wichita, including over 33 museums, 28 art galleries, 22 attractions, 22 live theaters, 17 festivals, and 8 shopping districts. It can be very difficult for visitors to decide what to see. This guide will take you to some of Wichitans favorite activities and restaurants.

I would recommend that due to the distances involved persons with either their own car or a rental would find this itinerary useful. Wichita is the largest city in Kansas and you will find all the choices here that you would find in any large sized city. Most of the attractions listed here in the itinerary are family friendly. You may want to arrange for a sitter or substitute some other activity for the night as neither the Old Town district or the casino is family friendly. Don't worry though you will find many movie theaters and other family oriented activities available. We even have roller skating and ice skating available. If you do choose the movies, check out the Warren group. They are all art deco and offer many fun choices such as 3-D and IMAX. There's even one that specializes in second run movies at a very low price.

You will find a lot of interesting and off the beaten track advice in this itinerary. It starts with a visit to the Old Cowtown museum. This is an interactive museum that brings the old and often lawless days of early Wichita to life. It will help you better understand the pioneer heritage of Wichita. You will get a chance to see for yourself how the early days of aviation helped us build the city we became. You will get to experience one of our earliest fast food restaurants. The Nu-Way was up and running long before the term fast food was coined.

You will also find out which unique stores to visit in both the Delano district and in the Old Town district. Finally when it's all over, you'll be invited to relax and have some fun at the casino. We are a very unique city and many people under estimate us because they believe that Kansas is only farmland. Come see how different the truth is and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of a one of a kind city.

(The Wichita Crown Uptown Theater at 3207 E. Douglas)

It was originally one of the first movie theaters in Wichita, a beautiful art deco building. It fell into disrepair in the 60s. It is now renovated into one of the favorites for locals looking for dinner and live theater.