Wine, Food, and Fun: 3 Days in Napa Valley
Wine, Food, and Fun: 3 Days in Napa Valley
Wine, Food, and Fun: 3 Days in Napa Valley

Jenna Francisco

Wine, Food, and Fun: 3 Days in Napa Valley

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Are you planning your first visit to beautiful Napa Valley? Or have you been there before but would like ideas for how to make your next visit a perfect one? This 3-day guide to this beautiful area of Northern California wine country provides everything you need, whether you're a first-time or return visitor. The detailed itineraries for each day give you all the essential information to plan your stay, with suggestions for where to stay, where to go, what to eat, how to get around, and of course, where to taste wine, as well as tips for how to taste wine and additional area resources.

Explore Napa Valley to its fullest, from the first-class restaurants and shopping opportunities in Downtown to the wine tastings across one of the most renowned and beautiful wine-producing regions in the world, this destination is a dream getaway!

What does your Napa Valley itinerary include?

  • A 3-day step-by-step tour of Downtown & Napa Valley wineries.
  • Detailed navigation information to guide you easily from place to place.
  • Instructions for making winery reservations.
  • Beautiful photographs of key sights.
  • Dining, shopping, and sightseeing suggestions--meaning less time spent searching and more time spent doing!

What highlights will you see in Napa Valley?

  • The Napa Wine Train
  • Mud bath, mineral bath, & massage package at an extinct volcano site
  • Wine Tastings
  • St. Helena’s Downtown
  • Oxbow Public Market
  • Downtown Napa

What is an Unanchor travel guide itinerary?

Each Unanchor travel guide is an itinerary curated by a local and includes a detailed planned timeline of sights to go see, maps & directions between each sight, as well as insider tips. The research work is literally already done for you. You just grab the guide and go start exploring now. No need to spend hours of time opening dozens of websites or getting buried under a pile of guidebooks and maps. It's like having a personal tour guide in your pocket but with the freedom to deviate from the plan and without the cost!

Are you right for this itinerary?

Both first-timers and those hoping to get a more in-depth Napa Valley experience will find this 3-day itinerary invaluable when it comes to planning out their trips. This travel guide includes 14 recommended bars and wineries, directions to every destination, and insider tips on how to make the most of your trip! It’s like having a personal tour guide in your pocket!

Why You Should Buy This Napa Valley Guide?

  • You will learn which restaurants and wineries to visit.
  • You will get detailed instructions on how to get from place to place.
  • You will have a great stress-free trip!

Sample sneak peek page inside the itinerary: 

The actual itinerary includes additional directions, pictures, and other points of interest. 

Napa Wine Train

Duration: 3 hours and 30 min 

We are going to dig right into our three days in Napa Valley by taking the Napa Wine Train because it provides the perfect introduction to the region. The Napa Wine Train consists of wonderfully restored vintage train cars, and just riding in the beautiful and comfortable atmosphere makes this trip special. The food is another highlight -- in the spirit of Napa Valley's proud food scene, the train's chef uses seasonal produce, humanely-raised meats, and line-caught fish. Lunch onboard the train usually consists of a three-course meal with wine and coffee.

The train's route follows the tracks that were laid here in the 1860s to bring people to the famous hot springs of Napa Valley's northernmost town, Calistoga. The wine train begins in the outskirts of Napa but quickly becomes more and more beautiful as it goes farther north in the valley. The 1952 Vista Dome car, one of only ten glass dome train cars built, is my recommendation because its dome allows for panoramic views. If relaxing on the wine train is not enough activity for you, you can pre-book a winery tour. In this case, you will debark the train for the tour and re-board to return to Downtown Napa. Note that some tours mean a later return.


At $4.99, the itinerary will pay for itself the first time you follow my advice on dining and traveling destinations. My email address is included, so you are welcome to email me with any questions you have. And if you are unhappy with the itinerary for any reason, Unanchor provides a full refund. What are you waiting for? Get this itinerary and savor a fun and flavorful experience exploring Napa.