Top 12 Places to Explore Like a Local in 2020

Happy New Year! New year, new travel, new adventures. Each new year is exciting because it means time for making new travel plans to new places or revisiting favorites more in depth.

Of course, we are here to help you make all your travel dreams come true! So, we're back with our 5th edition of the top places to explore like a local list.

Our list each year is a little different than most because instead of curating our own opinion list of the best places to visit in 2020 (and we do have opinions!), we take a different approach and compile destination wisdom from several other lists posted online. (See whose wisdom we borrowed from at the bottom of this post.)

Here at Unanchor, we want to help you travel with the heart of a local. <3 Each of our itineraries have been created by a local living in the destination so you get insider knowledge that will save you time planning the logistics of what to do, see (& not see), when, and where. Gotta love the secrets only a local can share with you!

Get inspired by the unique beauty of each destination listed below and begin your own new explorations using the knowledge of the heart of a local.

If you're a travel writer or aspiring to be one, we have a few specific destinations at the end of the list we'd love to add to our family of itineraries.

Here are your 12 best places to travel to in 2020:

1. Japan

Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo, Japan


2. Central Asia Silk Road

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


3. New Zealand

New Zealand travel guides


4. Eastern Coastal Canada

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


5. Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru


6. Rome

Rome, Italy


7. Washington, D.C.

National Mall, Washington DC


8. Amsterdam

iamsterdam sign, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


9. Germany

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany


10. Romania

Brasov, Transylvania, Romania


11. Greece

Oia, Greece


12. The Big Island, Hawaii

Hawaii travel guides



Do you (or someone you know) live in any of these places and enjoy traveling with the heart of a local? These are hot destinations for 2020 that we would love to have you join our family of travel itinerary authors! Apply here.

  • Dubai, UAE
  • Israel
  • Costa Rica
  • Ethiopia
  • Austria


If you want more travel inspiration, here are the lists of top travel destinations for 2020 we used to curate our list for you:



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